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Help Support Polar Bear Conservation

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Help Support Polar Bear Conservation

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In the Wildlife Health Centre, staff will be monitoring the cub very closely and providing supportive medical care as necessary, including intravenous fluids. It will also involve feeding a special milk formula which has been perfected over time by the Toronto Zoo’s staff given their past experiences hand raising polar bear cubs.

"This is an extremely critical time for this tiny cub and Zoo staff are providing 24/7 care," said Dr. Chris Dutton, Toronto Zoo’s Head of Veterinary Services. "In the cub’s first week, it faced a few significant challenges that required medical interventions but so far it appears to have responded very well to the treatments we provided,” he added.

Toronto Zoo continues to be involved in a collaborative research project involving multiple accredited zoos to understand polar bear reproductive biology. Your donations to Polar bear conservation will support this work.