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If you have a favourite Zoo animal how about adopting it? Your animal will still live here, but you'll go home knowing you're supporting the Zoo. Adoption fees help us take good care of the animals, protect endangered species, and pursue on-going conservation efforts.

Individuals, Schools, Clubs and Corporations are all welcome in our Adopt an Animal "family". Although the adoptions are symbolic and the animals will stay with us at the Toronto Zoo, we hope our animal parents will visit often.

Adopting an animal makes for a totally unique gift. What's inside the package depends on the adoption fee.

If you have any questions or for personal service, please contact or 416-392-9114

Wish to send it in by mail? Please print the Adopt-an-Animal Form (PDF) and mail to:

Toronto Zoo Adopt-an-Animal
361A Old Finch Avenue
Toronto ON M1B 5K7

Become a Toronto Zoo "parent" today!

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